Role & Responsibilities

We have expertise in delivering full port agency service and a range of marine and logistics services to vessel owners, operators, charterers and, cargo interests at all Indian ports. From pre-arrival to post-departure, our personnel pay close attention to accurate and speedy communication in handling overall disbursement control. The synergy that we have mastered over the years ensures that vessels enter and exit ports quickly with all port services taken care of in an efficient manner.

Our services encompass crew changes and deliveries of spare parts and provisions, cargo canvassing, and all aspects of communication, accounting and cost control. We also provide liner agency and freight forwarding services.


A Choice That Makes The Difference

Charterers Agents

Our network of first-class principals including charterers, owners and operators – allowing us to secure the most appropriate vessel for each client’s requirements. we provide professional husbandry services .


Vessels often require much more than essential ship agency services when in port. Husbandry services that can sometimes mean the involvement of a different agent from the one handling the port call.

Owners Protecting Agents

Owner appoints his trusted Agent to protect his interests and also to handle husbandry services. Owner pays a nominal fee and also reimburses expenses on husbandry services to Agent.

Shippers Protective Agents

We are a Tuticorin based provider of reliable Shipping Agents. We focus on providing port agency services to all types of vessels (liquid & dry) calling Indian ports for loading.discharging, dry-docking .


Perfect Solutions For Various types of Cargo handling and Logistics .

Cargo Consolidation

Combining Cargo of many consignees into one lot and then prepare it for shipping is better known as consolidation in the freight industry. This includes sea, air and road freight. Consolidation service typically involves the cargo transportation to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container, custom process of shipping documents, and finally re-packing if necessary for delivery.

Custom's Broking

We are licenced Customs Brokers registered with the Indian Customs at all major Ports, Airports and Dry Ports of India. We hold Custom Broking Licence in the name of Siddhartha Logistics Company Private Limited, the Management of our company also holds majority shares in Custom Brokers, M/s. J. Basu Logistics Company Private Limited which is also registered with the Indian Customs.

Warehousing and related services

We have a dedicated fleet of Trucks & Vehicles catering to special time bound cargo. We have a specialized semi-low bed trailor with built in loading & unloading ramps to carry cargo on wheels, the rear axels also turn, offering short turning radius, thus suitable for carrying high value defence and construction equipments, which are on wheels.

Project & special cargo (ODC) handling

Project & ODC Cargo is a specialized field that requires immense expertise, experience, and knowledge. We have in-depth knowhow on which shipping mode and line is best suited to your requirements; whether the consignment is to be shipped on a Flat Rack, break bulk vessel, or a roll-on-roll-off vessel.Project Cargo can also include ocean freight, air freight.

Port/Customs Documentation

The correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not fulfilled. Don’t let false or late documentation problem cost your business time and money.Packing List & Commercial Invoice these two shipping documents are mandatory for all types of international transport.

Freight Forwarding

Our goal is to create a one-stop third-party (3PL) supply chain resource and set ourselves apart from other forwarding companies by offering personalized service and worldwide logistics and transportation solutions.In addition to being an expert full-service freight forwarding company and the most reliablend responsive global logistics provider

Transportation and physical distribution

Part of logistics management, physical distribution is concerned with the transporting of merchandise, raw materials, or by-products, such as hazardous waste, from the source to the customer. A manager of physical distribution must also assess and control the cost of transporting these goods and materials, as well as to determine the most efficient way to store them, which usually involves some form of warehousing.

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